Top 7 Reasons Why You Go for A Masai Mara Safari Tour

KMMSP - Masai Mara Village

The Maasai Mara game reserve is situated in Narok County Kenya. Named after the Maasai tribe and their description of the beautiful land, Maasai Mara is an extremely famous place for tourists visiting Africa. The ‘spotted’ landscape is truly enchanting and full of countless wild animals, all of which you can discover on your own. The national reserve is basically only a small part of a huge ecosystem that comprises of various other regions including Lemek , Kimintet, and Koiyaki ranches.

The nature reserve was recognized as a sanctuary for wildlife in 1961. Part of the area was granted with national reserve status in 1974. By 2001, the reserve was being operated by the non-profit organisation, Mara Conservancy.

The reserve now encompasses a tremendous 1, 510 square kilometres with the complete area available for exploration. With plenty of incredible nature reserves around Africa, you might be wondering why you should visit this lovely destination and mark it as your primary choice. There are various reasons why you shouldn’t miss a Maasai Mara safari tour.

It Holds the Eighth Wonder of the World

Are you interested to see all the wonders of the world in your lifetime? Then you need to ensure that you do book a trip to Maasai Mara for a safari tour. Every year, over one million wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti into the nature reserve by crossing the Mara River. While this in itself may not be that incredible, the Mara River is packed with predators making it a dangerous journey. Nile crocodiles and other predators are always waiting to make the wildebeest their victim.

If you wish to see this wonder of the world, you’ll need to ensure that you arrive at the right time. The majority of people go a few weeks before the migration is scheduled to begin to ensure they don’t miss it. While you hang around, you can use your time enjoying the other wildlife that exist in the park. People come from all over the globe to see this extraordinary feat of nature.

Safety Guaranteed

Lots of people who are eager to visit a nature reserve like the Maasai Mara are worried about their safety. It’s right that some nature reserves can attract criminals & hunters. The skin and bones of some wild animals can be extremely valuable in the black market. Despite hunting being banned in many areas, this does not prevent hunters from breaking the law. When this takes place, it’s not just the animals that are in danger. Travelers can get caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, at this specific reserve, you’ll find that there is a lot of security on foot and in jeeps to keep you secure. You can’t travel more than just a few kilometers without coming across an officer on patrol, ready to save both you and the animals.

The Kenya Wildlife Services provides the reserve with officers to ensure that the area is secured tightly. Rest assured, if there is a problem you will be informed promptly. The protection of you and other visitors on the site will always be the number one priority for the officers. Fortunately, people who visited say that at Maasai Mara, they have never found themselves in the position where they felt anything other than perfectly safe.

Animals Galore

We’ve already discussed the Wildebeest, but there are lots of other wild animals that you surely to encounter during your Maasai Mara safari.  Actually, the land is home to literally countless different species. All of the big five you’re excited to see could be found here including rhinos, buffaloes, leopard, lions, and yes even elephants. Tourists usually agree that the Maasai Mara safari is the best chance to see the rarest wild animals on the planet.  In fact, you might be eager in seeing the Big Rhinos left in Africa. Well, they’re all here.

It’s not the only wildebeest that migrate into the Mara reserve. Zebra, Topi, & Thomson’s gazelle migrate from the Serengeti to the Loita Plains. If you’re interested to witness this, ensure to visit between July and October.

The Maasai Mara safari is also one of the primary reasons why the population of Black Rhinos is gradually increasing. By 1980 the population was only 15 but with the help of the reserve, it is slowly but surely bouncing back.

Head towards the rivers, and you might just find a hippopotamus & crocodiles. All over the reserve, you are most likely to see cheetahs, jackals, hyenas & bat-eared foxes. If you’re interested to see the rarest and most majestic of wild animals including cheetahs & lions, the Esoit Escarpment is the perfect place to you

There Are Birds Too!

If you’re a fan of bird watching and wish to spot some rare birds, Maasai Mara is definitely the right safari for you. There more than 470 species of birds that have been detected throughout the park, and 60 of these are raptors

Awesome Adventures and Activities

You might be keen to get more from a Mara safari than just animal sightings, and Maasai Mara certainly won’t disappoint you. Have you ever thought what it’s like to board a hot air balloon and glide over the planes of Africa, perhaps while seeing the animals running below? Well, you can discover the magic of this particular experience only here. If you wish the perfect view of the wildlife, then this is best the way to get it.

Obviously, the Mara safari itself is quite impressive too. It’s there that you’ll manage to venture into the wild, getting up close to these wonderful beasts. With game viewing, it’s possible to get an electrifying experience as a professional guide leads you closer than you had ever imagined to lions and leopards. 

Totally Accessible

There are a whole variety of routes to reach the Masai Mara. Some nature reserves are in the remote place and practically impossible to reach except on a risky muddy road. That’s not the problem here, and you’ll find that there are lots of flights available that can take you directly to Mara.

Once in A Lifetime Experience

You might be thinking whether the experience that you get here could be replicated anywhere else in Africa or indeed, the world. Well, we can assure you that nowhere else around the planet can offer the same thrills that you get here.

Imagine waking up not to the tone of an alarm clock but to animal roars outside your window. Well, that’s exactly what can take place here with resorts that place you right at the center of the action. You’ll hear the stomping hooves of the wildebeest, roar of the lion or the snort of a hippo. It’s not only the sound, the scents are here too with the refreshing tropical smell of the Serengeti and plains all around you.

Then, when you do take a Masai Mara safari, this won’t be your normal trip. You’ll see predators haunting and feasting on their prey, cubs playing together and much more. Every moment on a safari here will likely be a memory that you will wish to remember forever. With lovely weather guaranteed to give you a breathtaking and undisturbed view each day

Meet The People

Masai Mara isn’t like your ordinary nature reserve. It’s totally different because unlike other areas this location is inhabited. We’re not speaking about the animals but the Maasais themselves. Yes, there are tribes that live close to the Mara, and while you may have heard tales about these people, nothing can match the astonishing reality. It’s right that these people are brave and they are the only ones who you will see walking freely through the Mara around the wild animals. They can possibly do this because they have lived in harmony with these wild animals for centuries. They know their ways, how to stay safe and they know what it takes to share the land with these animals.

While the wild animals themselves may be the true reason for visiting, tourists are often mesmerized when they counter the Maasai People. These people are more than delighted to greet, welcome and communicate with tourists and simply anyone who decides to visit the reserve. Why do tourists find the people here so fascinating? It’s likely because of the fact that they have a unique culture and a way of living that has lasted for many years. The people here are wonderful and can tell you what it’s like to live around the Mara lands. If you wish to return home with a few stories to tell after your trip to Africa, you definitely need to ensure that you have at least one encounter with the Maasai people. Lots of people find that it entirely changes their perspective on life.

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