Difference between Gypsy safari & Canter safari (Bus)

There are two kind of safari vehicles utilized in the National Parks of India. One is the Gypsy or Gypsy which can accommodate maximum 6 individuals, or a safari bus or Canter which can accommodate 10-20 individuals at a time. They both have their own advantages. One must understand the advantages and disadvantages of Canter and Gypsy Safaris before he books the tour package.

Advantages of a Gypsy:

1. Gypsy is a small vehicle which can accommodate Maximum 6 guests. Hence, it is less disturbing to you and to the wild animals.
2. The lower seating height of a Gypsy offer better angle than Canter for wildlife photography
3. Gypsy is easier to manoeuvre than canter during a safari.
4. ?The petrol driven engine of Gypsy is less noisy. Thus, it is less disturbing to you as well as to the wildlife.
5. It can access very narrow roads as well providing you advantage when Tigers or other animals are in dense forest patches where a Canter cannot reach.
6. Being light weight and having 4 x 4 engine, it can be taken reverse or forward very quickly as per the animal movement.












Advantages of a Canter (Safari bus):

1. If you have more than 6 people in your group and you all want to travel together then Canter (Safari Bus) is ideal for you. Moreover, sometimes people dont get second Gypsy due to various reasons.
2. The height of a Canter is more than Gypsy and it helps in Tiger sighting. You can see deep down in to the jungle due to better height of Canter. Canter is larger & taller. Hence, you will feel more secured in Canter than Gypsy when Tiger is nearby your vehicle.

Keep in a mind that Tiger sightings are always a matter of chance and experienced guides & drivers will surely assist you in that case. Tigers & other wild animals dont care whether you are in Gypsy or in Canter. When they decide to come out, they will. Both vehicles follow the same route in jungle safari and chances of wildlife viewings are also almost same

If you are really a wildlife enthusiast and wish to avail a Gypsy for jungle safari, then plan your safari 5-6 months in advance and book your vehicle at the same time.

All the best! Have a Great Safari!

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