wildlife tours in india

There is a variety of safaris and tiger reserves across India to choose from. we have an awesome list of wildlife tour packages to offer you. So, what are you waiting for?

Have a look at the tour packages below to best suit your needs. There are exhilarating chances to meet with wildlife while you are in the open-air jeep safaris. While you finish with your wildlife journey the experience remains with you for the rest of your life.

Many wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers throng the numerous wildlife safaris of India. There is a variety of options to explore nature’s wild habitats. It is an exhilarating wildlife safari for all – Adventure lover tourists, wildlife scholars, or a getaway holiday. This makes the best holiday tour for you, your friends & family and all travelers. There are different species including barking deer, marsh crocodile, and 100s of various mammals, birds & Fishes.

Move through the world-renowned Jim Corbett National Park, the Ranthambore National Park, Tadoba National Park, Gir National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park in various regions in India. Appreciate the wild animals as they majestically prowl around as you travel along with them in the Pench Forest. The Sundarbans national park in West Bengal has a river where tourist takes a boat ride and witness a tiger swimming in the water! If it isn’t enough then explore Assam’s Kaziranga National Park where you can find unique wild species of different kinds. This includes the horned rhinos, elephants, wild bears, etc in this sanctuary spread over 420 kilometres.

Wildlife Tour Packages

Best Time for Indian Wildlife Tours

There is wildlife to see throughout the year in India, although monsoon season is normally from July to mid-Oct, so several parks remain closed due to inaccessibility during this period. Monsoon varies depending on where you are in the country, so it is best to learn your chosen region’s weather patterns thoroughly. The peak season is when temperatures are milder, as the heat of summer makes wildlife watching almost intolerable in places like Rajasthan, although there are hardcore wildlife lovers who will ride those heat waves for just one priceless sighting.

Tips for Indian Wildlife Safari Tour

Do follow strict timing as given by your team leader to avoid delay in any activities as safaris are group events.

Your guide/mentor and locals know the area inside the forest better than anyone, so do cooperate with them.

Always respect your local guide/driver and their knowledge about the forest during a safari.

Always carry Original Identity Proof.

Carry clothes according to the season of the visit. Carry clothes that will help you camouflage with the surroundings.

Cover your face with a scarf to protect it from dust.

Carry a fragrance-free Sunscreen.

Always keep your phone on silent or airplane mode when entering the forest.

Also carry extra batteries, memory cards for cameras and cover it to protect the camera from dust, rain etc.

Always remain calm and composed when any sighting takes place.

For monsoon wildlife tours, always carry wind-cheaters, proper clothing, and shoes, water-proof bags. Also, get rain proof covers for your cameras/binoculars etc.

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