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India is one of the most preferred destinations for Wildlife Tours & Tiger Safaris. It is home to several wildlife sanctuaries & national parks
Experience was really wonderful, we got to go on 6 trips out into the jungle, forest and we saw tigers on 3 of the 6 experiences and it was quiet amazing to see tigers in the zoo but definitely wanted to come see it in person in wildlife. Food was fabulous and stay was luxurious and had western accommodation so had great time their. I would love to come again. I have to bring my grandchildren next time. Thanks to Team Book My Safari for all the arrangements. All in all 5 star for the tour.
John Doe
Country : United States
Tour : Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, MP, India
This was an absolutely wonderful trip that we took and I loved Sopa lodge we stayed at, it was wonderful. The animals were right there in the grounds of the hotel lodge, with lots of giraffes and zebras and even the hippos at night. It was just a wonderful, kind of magical place to be. And food was terrific, then when we got to Masai Mara camp, the sightings of the cats were the best of all, I have been on 3 other long term safaris in Africa through the Kruger park and one to another park outside Durban and have never seen as many cats, as we saw here and everyday. We saw multiple lions and cheetahs as well so it was excellent from the standpoint. The migration was something i have never witnessed before, to see 100’s and thousand and lakhs of wildebeests and zebras and bucks running across the range and migrating was truly awesome. All in all, top notch wonderful experience. One more thing, I’m not a photographer, my wife is a photographer and Jogi taught us some simple things and that made my pictures even better. Just talking about how much you create bokeh in front of the picture and then balancing it and then doing lighting and post processing, I don’t know that all because am not into it but simply setting up the shots, it was very helpful to make my wildlife photography better. So just simple things like that were very helpful even for novices like me. Overall it was a fantastic tour, thanks to Team Book My Safari as well as Mumbai Travellers.
Clifton Keeler
Country : United States
Tour : Masai Mara Triangle, Kenya
What a lucky person you are to have someone as professional as Saily working in your Company. I decided to use Mumbai Travellers based on your web site information on a purely speculative basis. Right from the beginning the dialogue with Saily was clear and informative. The adventure she organised for my wife and I was wonderful from being collected at Nagpur Airport to our return there. Accommodation interesting and first rate, Gypsy drivers superb, and how she organised the tigers I do not know. Her enthusiasm is boundless and she is such a jolly nice and knowledgeable person to travel with even at 5 am in the morning. Thank you so much for all the arrangements Book My Safari and Mumbai Travellers
Tony Easton
Country : Ireland, United Kingdom
Tour : Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India
First of all just wanna let you know that Jogi has been an amazing host and this is my first trip to Kenya and my first time with Book My Safari and Mumbai Travellers. My first experience with them is pretty amazing and so I was expecting Kenya would be pretty conservative but it’s not just what I really expected, it’s awesome it’s been amazing so anyway, the accommodations were absolutely fantastic, my favorite was the third place that we stayed, it was kinda cozy. I just normally carry my phone and take pictures but this trip has been amazing, Jogi has been very inspiring and I have really learnt a lot and I was not really attentive in the beginning of photography sessions. Also my favorite sighting is specially the cheetahs, the cheetahs were amazing I took close videos of cheetahs just running next to us and near the jeep, it was pretty amazing. Also a really important thing of mine from the trip was visiting the tribe in Masai its been very inspiring and it looks like they have been liking the culture also we got to experience their housesIts been a wonderful trip and my favorite part was making this special bracelet for my fiance from the blacksmith, definitely i am doing another trip with this team, they really rock man!!
Michael Gunnell
Country : Mumbai, India
Tour : Masai Mara Triangle, Kenya