Done Jungle Safari as a BLIND person!

tiger safari in indiaIt was a chilly winter morning in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, MP, India and it had been drizzling all night. unfortunately……Read More

Tips for Tiger Watching in India

tiger safari in indiaHoping to see a tiger in the wild? Here are few tips to increase your chances of Tiger spotting on a tour to India
……Read More

Types of Tiger spotting in order of excitement l0th as highest in terms of adrenalin rush

tiger safari in indiaYou may witness any one of the above Tiger sightings, so be ready, and be equipped with your cameras…….Read More

Top African Wildlife Vs Indian Wildlife

kenya safariWhen one thinks about wildlife, the 1st country that comes to one’s mind is Africa. India is usually an afterthought. But few who have witnessed the wildlife of Africa and of India have contrast views to …….Read More

Top 7 Reasons Why You Go for A Masai Mara Safari Tour

bengal tiger 1The Maasai Mara game reserve is situated in Narok County Kenya. Named after the Maasai tribe and their description of the beautiful land, Maasai Mara is an extremely famous place for tourists visiting Africa…….Read More

When and how to book a Tiger Safari in India

bengal tiger 1Before I address the question on “when and how to book a Tiger Safari in India, it is crucial to know the reason behind this question. Tiger is among the most photographed animal on the earth. ……Read More

5 Interesting Facts about Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve

bengal tiger 1“Fabulous” is the perfect word to describe the wildlife of the Maasai Mara National Reserve……Read More

3 Most essential things to know before you start wildlife photography

bengal tiger 1Hardly few years back, with manual cameras and film rolls, not everyone was interested getting into Wildlife photography. Only few people were haunted by this rare passion……Read More

Top Ten Wildlife Safari Camps & Resorts in India

bengal tiger 1Every year, a fair number of nature lovers visit the national parks of India to experience an adventurous wildlife safari. You can find number of wildlife resorts…..Read More

Masai Mara National Reserve

bengal tiger 1Masai Mara is one of the greatest Wildlife reserves in Africa and it is located in south-west Kenya……Read More

Top Five Wildlife Tourism Places in South India

bengal tiger 1Southern part of India has wildlife sanctuaries & national parks which are perfect destinations for wildlife tourism in India. South India has UNESCO recognized Western Ghats & Nilgiris…….Read More

Difference between Gypsy safari & Canter safari (Bus)

bengal tiger 1There are two kind of safari vehicles utilized in the National Parks of India. One is the Gypsy or Gypsy which can accommodate maximum 6 individuals, or a safari bus or Canter…..Read More

6 Best Tiger spotting Places in India

bengal tiger 1Royal Bengal Tigers is India’s pride with whose presence the lush bio-diversity of India becomes extraordinary and a lot more appealing….Read More

What should you do when you encounter a Tiger on foot in his territory?

What should you do when you encounter a Tiger on foot in his territory
First of all, let me warn everyone that a Tiger is an impeccable slaughtering machine. So, the most ideal approach to fight him is, not to fight him.Read More

Safety measures to take while staying in a resort near a national park?

Safety measures to take while staying in a resort near a national park
Staying in a jungle resort while on wildlife holiday is always a great fun, however for a comfortable and hassle free experience one must take care of himself and his groupRead More

Wildlife Tour Operators in India?

Wildlife Tour Operators in India
Welcome to, one of the top Wildlife Tour Operators in India. We are one of the pioneers of wildlife adventure safaris to national parks in India & Read More

Tiger Safari in India

Tiger Safari in India

Indias many nationwide parks are home to over half of the worlds tigers. Even when there are so many zoos where you can easily spot tigers, but there is something Read More

Do’s & Don’ts on Wildlife Safari

Tips for Wildlife Safari- Do's & Don'ts
If this is your first wildlife safari and you are confused with what things you should make sure you do and to avoid on safari; then Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Curious about your wildlife safari ? Have Loads of Questions in Mind ? Find answers of your all questions here

Top 10 Wildlife Safaris in India

Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
Indias many nationwide parks are home to over half of the worlds tigers. Even when there are so many zoos where you can easily spot tigers, but there is something magical about?Read More

Ranthambore Safari Booking

A list of 272 species has been documented in the park. The park has number water sources and lakes where one can find amazing number of birds. The most important birds in Ranthambore?are Read More

Masai Mara Tour Operators in India
Kenya Masai Mara Tour Operators in India

Be as wild and free as the rich wildlife in Africa! Pack your bags and set your voyage to the continent of colossal beauty and make memories of your expeditions with one of the best Masai Mara tour operators in India Read More

Bandhavgarh Tour Packages

Explore High Royal Bengal Tiger density, Photography opportunities, Buddha Stupa and Fort inside the forest. The place has also gained recognition for its source of?Read More

Black Naped Hare Or India Hare

Black Nape Hare - Indian Hare
There are 7 sub species of the Indian hare found in the country.?Indian Hare also called as Black Naped Hare is commonly seen throughout the Indian Sub continent along with the neighboring regions. Read More

Kiang Or Tibetian Ass :

It is native to the Tibetan Plateau, where it inhabits montane and alpine grasslands. Its current range is restricted to Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, plains of the Tibetan plateau and northern Nepal along the?Read More